Saturday, March 22, 2014

Old Things are New - 1920s Negligee and1970s Caftan

When I was listing an elegant caftan pattern in my Etsy shop the other night (Simplicity 7211), I noticed that its construction is actually very similar to a negligee from the 1920s that I posted about a few days ago. Both are a length of fabric, folded, then a neckline cut along the fold. Then side seams are sewn along "body lines" (if I may put it that way ;), leaving the edges to drape gracefully.

Note how the side seams are sewn for this 1920s negligee (which, I mean really, it's a frock, is it not?). The body silhouette was pretty straight in the 1920s, and the result is flapper fabulous. :)

Now look at this lovely caftan from the 1970s and Simplicity, and look at the pattern back:

Look familiar? As in the 1920s pattern, the fabric is folded, the neckline cut on the fold, and seams sewn to follow the body silhouette. But since it is the 1970s, the body silhouette has curves, specifically curves that form a lovely contoured A-line. :) Gorgeous.

Hmmm. And I just noticed - both models are posing with a hand to the side of the head, and jewelry, including a bracelet.... :)


  1. I bought a new magazine last year with a very similar idea as well :) Must make one, but which era to choose... all of them?

  2. I like the idea of all of them! Post a link of what you sew - it would be fun to see. :)

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