Friday, March 21, 2014

1950s Refashion - Trimming a Circle Skirt Down to a Slim Skirt

Before: A tea-length full circle skirt in black bengaline from the late 1940s. Evidently it was "too wide" and "too long"!

The Changes: The original waistband was removed, the skirt turned so that the side seams became center front and back seams. Front yokes, back yokes and kick pleat insert were cut from the rest of the fabric. The illustration shows how easy it was. A cuff was sewn into the seams where the yokes join the skirt pieces. A back zipper closing was inserted at the center back seam of the skirt yoke, and the waist was finished with belting. Easy-peasy! ;)

After: Rather elegant, I must say!

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