Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easter Hats from March 1949

A new Easter hat is the perfect accent for your new Easter dress or suit. Which one of these lovely hats from March 1949 would you pick?

 A woven powder-pink straw - perfect for a dark spring suit and and small, piquant face.

A cherry-red straw hat with iridescent ribbon pouf, side-dipped brim to frame the face.

A youthful helmet cloche of fine straw braid and winged with two tiny brilliant feather birds.

 The perennial sailor in a soft rich coffee straw - perfect with a tailored suit.

 A cartwheel hat the color of toast, with a gently rolled brim, head-fitting crown, and soft leaf-green trim - it's a delicately flattering hat when you are dressing up.

This enchanting off-the-face bonnet combines purple and pink.


  1. These are all lovely, but if I could I would take the second one.

  2. And I am sure that you would look wonderful in it! :) It would be fun to try them all on, I think.