Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Home Sewing Tip from the 1920s - Some "Seam-ly" Advice

"Seam-ly" advice? Groan. Such a poor pun. Nonetheless, in this tip Ruth Wyeth Spears offers important advice on sewing and finishing the seams of your frocks. A proper finish for seams is a factor in the appearance and wear of the garment.

Don't you love the model's hat, not to mention that fabulous critter around her shoulders? Poor thing- it was the fashion back then!


  1. I'm a long time fan of your etsy shop but only recently discovered your blog. It's just wonderful!!
    Thank you for posting all this fabulous vintage inspiration!
    I subscribed a few days ago and always look forward to getting your posts in my email inbox.

  2. Thank you so much!! Your kind words are such an encouragement and are just the sort of response I hope to inspire. :D You've made my day!