Friday, March 14, 2014

Early 1950s "Costume Suits" - So Elegant and Chic

Crisp points add flair to these costume suits from 1951. What makes a women's suit a "costume" suit? Primarily, the costume suit is high style - more feminine and dressy than the traditional man-tailored two-piece suit. It can be worn wherever a dress can be worn, yet is suit-worthy for occasions that call for a more business-like appearance.

In both costume suits illustrated below, wing points at collars and cuffs are eye-catching and provide sharp style over a slim sheath. The tunic-length topper & dress ensemble is a fabulous fitted look, while the cropped jacket  with a slim skirt is closer to a traditional suit but has bolder, more dramatic flair.

These costume suits provide simply superb 1950s style. And note the hat choices for each suit - they're perfect. :)

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