Sunday, May 15, 2016

Home Sewing Tips from the 1920s - Art Deco Applique

Ruth Wyeth Spears describes this Art Deco applique as "futuristic" - it must have seemed a striking design at the time! Use this tip to create a colorful, silky, appliqued handkerchief. Perfect for bridesmaid gifts, don't you think? Relatively small effort, with an authentic result! Just remember to use vivid contrasting colors, as Ruth suggests.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

1929: Ethnic Prints for Spring

Ethnic prints are popular this spring, so it seems very appropriate to post this striking image from Fashion Service Woman's Institute Magazine and March 1929. It is a beautiful advertisement that features the "Indu-Chi" series of fabrics, "Parisian in design, latin in feeling, and inspired by the vigorous, joyful, decorative embroideries of Hungarian peasant festival costumes." Simply gorgeous.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Mother's Day: Mother-Daughter Fashion from the Mid-1940s

With Mother's Day only a few days away, it seems timely to post about that wonderful fashion trend of the 1940s and 1950s, Mother-Daughter fashion! This trend to dress mothers and daughters in matching outfits certainly provided charm for the ladies in the family. In this post, I feature mother-daughter dresses from the mid-1940s that are perfect for spring and summer.

A dirndl skirt in swing length and artfully puffed short sleeves - very nice! Add sash ties or not. The style looks especially cute when contrasting fabrics are used. I rather prefer view 2, myself. :)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Home Sewing Tips from the 1920s - Lace-Trimmed Frocks for Evening Wear

While the title indicates this topic is directed at a bride, when you read this very interesting tip from Ruth Wyeth Spears for her 1920s audience, it seems directed at anyone with an interest in the right frock for evening wear. And according to Ruth, the right type of frock depends on your age and body type. If you have a youthful, slim figure, the dress on the right is perfect. Otherwise, choose the dress on the left. ;) Read on for enlightenment!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Miss Lillian's Vintage Post Cards - A Tweet from Relatives

Sender: Elsie (Mueller)
Addressee: Miss Lillian M. Maguire, 1902 G Terry Av., Seattle, Wash.
Postmark: Cleveland, Ohio
Date: August 23, 1909
Image: Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, O.

Looking exactly the same in 1909 as it does now, Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland is on the National Register of Historic Places. This beautiful structure was built in 1901, so it was still a bit of a wonder at the time of this post card.

Dear Lill:
- Arrived
in Cleveland this A.M.
Had a lake trip from
Love from
Elsie & Paula
P.S. Have the folks
written to mama
yet? - E.

More relatives enter our view into Lillian's world! In this case, it is a postcard from Elsie and Paula Mueller, sisters of Adolph F Mueller, who is married to Lillian's sister Ann. It is with Ann and Adolph that Lillian is living at this time. The two sisters have just traveled from Buffalo to Cleveland. Both cities are located on the shores of Lake Erie, hence the reference to a "lake trip".

Our clue that they are family (aside from my searches on is the postscript. Since Lillian is living with their brother, Elsie asks if "the folks" (meaning Adolph and Annie) have written to mama (that is, Elsie's mother). Elsie is the same age as Lillian (in 1909, age 27), and is just a couple of years younger than Adolph and Ann. Paula is about 6 years younger than her sister.

 An afternoon dress from 1909

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Polka Dots Go Mod

In my last post, I featured a vintage sewing pattern and polka dot fabric from the 1930s. Very lovely and so charming! In this post, I pull you 30 years later to the mid-1960s, when Mod fashion was just getting started. These images, also featuring sewing patterns sewn with polka dot fabric, are from a Vogue Pattern magazine, April-May 1965 issue. Enjoy and be inspired!

Vogue 6470: Polka dots certainly pop in this outfit. I love the 3/4-length bell sleeves. Note the just-above-ankle length of the flared pants. I find the model's big hair rather mind-blowing. She looks like a Barbie doll!

Vogue 6413: Polka dots gone large.

 Vogue 6461: Polka dots with stripes - psychedelic!

Vogue 6462:  Polka dots with plaid!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In Search of Style: Fabric for a 1930s "Dress Hit of the Year"

This wonderful dress from the 1930s and Superior Patterns of Sears, Roebuck & Co has charming style and was evidently quite popular!

Tucked in the envelope was a page from the fabric section of the Sears catalog, featuring silk and rayon fabric and several dress patterns. And there in the upper right corner is the very same dress, in a charming dotted print rayon.

The text for the pattern states "The Dress Hit of the Year". And: "A stunning pattern! At the very top of the style ladder! Featuring a youthful collar and a smart button trim. So simple it can be made with the least possible fuss. A truly versatile style; can be worn almost everywhere! Because it is a Sears  pattern you're assured a perfect fit and absolute comfort." Well! Enough said!

And here is the back side of the page: