Friday, December 28, 2012

Fashion from January 1951: A Buttoned Dress and an All-purpose Suit Dress

It's a youthful, buttoned dress and an all-purpose suit-dress from a January 1951 McCall booklet of designer patterns!

McCall 8340

It's the neckline and the gathers in the skirt that give this dress a youthful effect. If you disapprove of the buttoned collar, you can exchange it for a tie collar. This is one design where you can have a high neck and a plunging neckline at the same time. No sleeves, short sleeves, or long sleeves that can be pushed up. Sizes 10-20. 35 cents.

McCall 8342

It's very versatile, this slim dress with the air of a suit. And you can make it up to take care of various needs. What would you like? A wool day timer? An unlined wool suit? Make view B. A dressy five-o'clock costume? Make it of faille or bengalaine, all one fabric. A two-piecer to take south? Make view A in shangtung. Sizes 12-20. 65 cents.

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