Monday, December 10, 2012

1949 Short Hair-Dos - It's a Sweep!

If you ever want to wear your hair so it matches your late 40s wardrobe, here are 4 wonderful styles from 1949! Each image illustrates a different style for short hair, designed by Guillaume of Paris and featured in the March 1949 edition of McCall's Magazine. Guillaume of Paris "has dressed the hair of smart women here and abroad", the article states.

This swirled bang hair-do is combed down from the crown, then sides are brushed up for a heart-shaped frame.

Elfin curls for a casual style. Hair is combed back, waved across the forehead from ear-to-ear. Very short back ends are brushed straight up to crown.

A side part starts this hair-do. Brush sleek waves behind ears, then roll ends back and under. Comb back hair forward to meet side sections and tuck ends in.

A triangle cut, with back hair cut in layers to form a point at nape of neck. Sides continuing V-line are brushed forward, end in a front halo.

The article does a fine job describing how to comb the hair, and includes some details about how the hair is cut. But I only wish there were more information about how to get those fabulous waves! Did they use a curling iron? I know they existed in that era, because I have my mother's from the 1940s. :) Did they use rags or pins to tie the hair into curls? Sigh. I guess it will take some research. But in the meantime, enjoy these cute 'dos!


  1. Thanks! I look forward to doing more posts about hair styles from the past.