Monday, December 31, 2012

Fashion from January 1951: Afternoon Dresses with Flair

Let's check out two more advanced patterns from McCall and January 1951. These two afternoon dresses are easy to make and add becoming style to your wardrobe. Ruffles or gathers combined with slim flared style - not to mention an optional flirty drape at the hip! Yumm.

McCall 8352

Every so easy to make. No sleeve bother. If you want long sleeves, you know how simple it is to add them to these drop-shoulder lines. Figure B has such sleeves, pushed up to three-quarter length. The shirred yokes look so pretty you will be delighted with them, and you will discover that they are vastly becoming. Consider plain heavy sheers and prints. Sizes 12-20, 40, 42. 50 cents.

 McCall 8343

"The new diamond neckline" - Because this wide neckline starts out close to the neck, it is becoming to most people. That line is easy to wear. The lower edges are softened by the frills which are cut in one with the fronts, faced and merely flopped over. So simple, yet it has the professionally-made look because of this construction. Good for plain crepe, good for a print. Sizes 12-20, 40-42. 75 cents.

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