Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fashion from January 1951: Around-the-Clock Delicious Fashion

All day and evening too - it's round-the-clock fashion from January 1951 and McCall! And these lovely sundresses with jackets have superb style. Gosh, I wish had these gorgeous patterns!

 McCall 8345

The sleeveless topless dress with its own jacket is in for another big season. The dress that can go anywhere at all with propriety as long as one keeps the jacket on. The dress - jacketless - that can be a short evening gown or a bare-top sports dress, depending only on the fabric used. Fitted heart-shape bodice, 4-panel flared skirt, simple bolero. Sizes 12-20. 50 cents.
 McCall 8346

This around-the-clock ensemble is an investment, paying dividends in good looks. You can wear it for daytime, for afternoon and, without the jacket, for evening. In the south, it is both a street costume and a play dress. Note the jacket - cape-like. Note the dress - buttoned over at the side, with soft pleats centered at the back. Sizes 12-20. $1.00.

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