Sunday, July 13, 2014

Miss Lillian's Postcards: Vintage Tweets from the 1900s - Christine in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Postcard 008

Sender: Christine B. Follett
Addressee: Miss Lillian Maguire, 3004 Vine Grove Ave., St Louis, MO
Postmark: Pawtucket, R.I.
Date: September 14, 1906
Image: Division St. Bridge, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Message: [This is a "picture post" with no message, but the sender is Christine, who sent previous postcards. Compare the handwriting, and you will see that it matches. Christine signs on the From lines "C. B. Follett, Pawt. R.I."]

Whereas before we only had Christine's first name, we know now that she is Christine B. Follett. The question we are left with is, is she still on vacation? This is the second postcard from Rhode Island from her on this trip. Was Pawtucket her final destination? Was this perhaps a honeymoon trip, ending in her new hometown? This is all speculation on my part! Perhaps this was her last stop before returning to St Louis.

The Division St. Bridge is still standing and in use in Pawtucket, RI, btw.  Here is an image grabbed from Google Maps.

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