Friday, July 18, 2014

1930s Techniques for Keeping Chic in the Heat

The essence of summer chic and charm (let alone luxurious langour), is crispness, coolness, and feminine freshness. How's that alliteration for you? ;)

To keep cool, look cool, and feel cool,  wear fresh organdie dresses and cool, scented lingerie. This (and all the usual advice, and the image above) comes from a 1934 Pictorial Review article on keeping cool and feminine in the heat of summer. The usual advice includes: keep makeup light, use a light face cream, take care of your eyes (rest, use sunglasses, eye cream), massage the feet.

I found especially interesting two "new gadgets" mentioned, that made taking showers possible that did not muss up your carefully waved hair:
  • A spray attachment  that fits around your shoulders  and lets your head rise above the spray
  • An oiled silk shower hood that fits over your head without mussing your hair; it's transparent so you can see the spray through the silk, and eliminates the "agony of trying to fit a rubber cap over your carefully done tresses".
Can you visualize these? There were no images in the magazine article. I laugh when I think of each one. A spray attachment on your shoulders? :D The silk shower hood sounded harmless until it mentions seeing through the transparent hood. Are they saying it covers the face?? I understand now why these products did not survive the test of time. LOL!

I do love that illustration - so dreamy! :)

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