Monday, July 7, 2014

Home Sewing Tips from the 1920s - Sewing Frocks with Style

The essence of this tip from Ruth Wyeth Spears is planning the designs of your own frocks - before you sew. This is a very interesting tip from Ruth, one that speaks to your inner creative designer self. At first, I felt that the differences between illustration A and illustration B were so subtle that it was like those "what is different between these two pictures" sort of puzzle. LOL! But read her article carefully, and you will see where the differences are. And you have to admit, the final embellished frock is lovely.

Count on Miss Ruth to inspire confidence as she points the way to style!


  1. So true! The proportional difference between A and B really does impact the look, though, even if it is subtle!

    1. It's interesting that the mistakes that Ruth calls out in B "totally rob the dress of all its style", especially since the differences seem subtle. But I agree, when you look closely, her points are valid. :) It's so interesting!