Friday, July 11, 2014

History of Sewing: 1920s Foundation Garments - Foundation Slips

It's time to return to my series on 1920s foundation garments, and examine the remaining type of foundation garment, the foundation slip. Along with camisoles, the slip is perhaps the most enduring of foundation garments. There are three categories of foundation slips:
  • Plain foundation slip (look familiar?)
  • Coat-dress foundation slip
  • Tunic-dress foundation slip

 Plain foundation slip

The foundation slip offers protection to the dress, or serves as a foundation to which some part of the dress may be attached (similar to the waist linings). Slips eliminate any unsightly break at the waistline under a dress of sheer material, and can intensify the color of the sheer dress.

In the 1920s (and beyond), the preferred slip was made of silk or rayon (rather than cotton, for example), which provides smoothness so the dress slips over them easily, and prevents the slip from crowding up over the knees. Some things don't change, eh?

In my next posts on this topic, I will provide more details about each foundation slip type. Stay tuned!

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