Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Scraps from the Past and Voices from the Past: 1960s Chemise & Jumper

The Pattern: McCall's 7409
This versatile pattern from 1964  features two A-line jumper variations and a dress with drop waist, and blouse and slim chemise.  Popular styles at that time, this pattern was featured in McCall's Magazine and Seventeen Magazine.  "It's Young Fashion!"

The Scrap: Tucked into the pattern above were the scraps picture below. The sewist seems clearly inspired by view C on the far right of the illustration! The patterned fabric (a soft cotton or cotton-mix) in gold, avocado, and purple is quite similar to the pattern of the chemise. A small bit of matching purple (in a more linen-weight cotton) was probably used to sew one of the A-line jumpers or dress.

Voices from the Past: "This fits Rinda it just the same as her shif[t]. I measheard [sic] it." (written in pencil on the envelope front). Lucky Rinda to get this ensemble! I wonder if Rinda had a bouffant hair-do too?


  1. I think one of my most favorite things about collecting vintage patterns are these little notes and pieces of fabric, etc., stuffed into the envelopes. I just acquired a small collection of patterns from a lady in my neighborhood, and many of the patterns have locations and sewing notes written on the envelopes and on the instructions!

    1. Hi, Jen. I agree, it really connects one to that original sewist when snippets of fabric, thread, and notes are included in the envelope. Fabric is especially fun because you can see the colors, patterns, and textures that were popular in that era. My favorite way to collect patterns is from estate sales - you see the whole life of a family in those collections. :)