Saturday, January 17, 2015

Before and After: 1950s Shortie Pyjamas Become Delightful Dance Costume!

This is a happy story to relate, in which a professional dance costume sewist (name: Helen) is asked to create a vintage pyjama costume for a dance contest. Happily for me, she turned to my shop on Etsy, Midvale Cottage,  and purchased this charming pattern, Advance 7803 from the mid-1950s.

The drama was in the shipping. She lives in the UK, I live in Seattle. It was New Year's Eve and she needed it ASAP but without costing more than she could charge for the finished product! Needless to say, she got it in time to sew it for her client. Hurray!

And here is the absolutely adorable costume that she sewed for her client. You can see that she sewed view 2. I love the choice of fabric, it is perfect for this vintage outfit. And the pom-pom trim makes it super-cute!

To see more photos of these pyjamas, her client's feedback, and more of her costumes for dance recitals and performances, visit her website: Dance Festival Costumes. Kudos to Helen on a wonderful result, and many thanks for sharing her pictures!

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