Saturday, January 24, 2015

Miss Lillian's Postcards - Vintage Tweets: Want to Go Back to Work?

Postcard 030

Sender:  Tillie
Addressee: Miss Lillian Maguire, c/0 Mrs. Mueller, 1902 G" Terry Ave., Seattle, Wash.
Postmark: St. Louis, MO
Date: June 9, 1908
Image: Country Club. Junction City, Kansas

This image conveys a country club of gentility and bucolic beauty. The Country Club in Junction City, Kansas no longer exists in this form, although there is a Country Club and Golf course there.

Hello Lillian, how is everything,
and everybody? I thank you
very very much for the postal
and also the book of beautiful
views, I appreciate them
both very much. You ought
to come to work, next week
the Circus is across the street,
you know there won't be much
work done. Hoping you are all
well, will write more soon.
Your friend, Tillie

Lillian receives a message from Tillie, her co-worker at the homeopathic pharmacy in St. Louis, MO. From this message, we cannot determine whether Lillian is staying temporarily or permanently in Seattle for her health. Clearly Tillie thinks she might come back. And what better incentive for a return to work than the fun of a circus across the street?

Lillian has been thoughtful and generous, remembering friends by sending postals and picture books - the next best thing to being there! And check out this lovely dress and short coat - perfect for an afternoon outing - too pretty to wear to a circus?

1907 Coat and Afternoon Dress

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