Thursday, October 2, 2014

Miss Lillian's Postcards - Vintage Tweets from the 1900s - A "Poke" from Nora

Postcard 020

Sender: Nora
Addressee: Miss Lillian Maguire,  3004 Vine Grove Ave, St. Louis, Mo
Postmark: [unmarked]
Date: [undated]
Image: St. Charles High School, St. Charles, Mo.
From Nora

This postcard features St Charles High School, in St Charles, MO, which is essentially a suburb of St Louis, MO these days. In the era of this postcard (and it is not dated, alas), it was surely a more "separate" city. Note that the name on the building is actually "Jefferson School", which became the name of the intermediate school in St Charles in later decades. The high school no longer exists in this location, being replaced by a very modern facility in a different location (along with the intermediate and elementary schools). The site of this building is currently a semi-industrial, semi-residential area.

Nora addressed the post card, signed the front, and then sent it to Miss Lillian, although not by mailing it. Whether it was included in a letter, dropped off at her home, or some other method was employed, it simply looks like a picture tweet or an FB "poke". :)

Fashion from 1907

Isn't this a geourgeous ensemble? Such beautiful details. Perfect for afternoon outings, perhaps?

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