Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miss Lillian's Postcards from the 1900s - Vintage Tweets from Los Angeles, California

Postcard 019

Sender: Joni
Addressee: Miss Lillian Maguire,  (Luyties) Vandeventer + Laclede, St. Louis, Mo
Postmark: Los Angeles, CAL
Date: October 2, 1907
Image: In Westlake Park, Los Angeles, California
with best love from Joni

Westlake Park, which opened in 1890, was one of the first parks developed in Los Angeles. Select the link to view the history of its creation and to see more pictures and postcards from the same era as this postcard. You'll see men and women that provide a sense of the fashion of the day. :)

Joni (or could it be Jane?) is sending an affectionate hello to Miss Lillian at her work address (rather than at home), all the way from Los Angeles, California! Such an exotic destination in that era, I would think. It is a fairly "girlish" penmanship, if I may call it that, so I think this is clearly from a female friend or family member.

I think this post card is the equivalent of sending a heart icon in a tweet or FB post. Don't you? Maybe two or three hearts - this is "with best love" after all. :)

Gown from 1907