Sunday, September 7, 2014

1950s Paris Fashion: Dior Dress & Jacket, American-Style

From the Fall 1955 collection, this is a sketch of Dior's back-buttoned camisole dress of tawny wool, with a panel flying free from the skirt, and a cropped jacket with back fullness.

Here is Dior's dress, as envisioned by American dress manufacturers, adapted for the evening in metal-shot moire, and incorporat9ng the panel into the skirt. A very fitted jacket is substituted for the loose one. In one word? Dreamy.

 Featured in Woman's Home Companion, October 1955 edition.


  1. I really like the outfit in the sketch - gorgeous!

    1. The sketched Dior outfit looks so comfortable, yet elegant - it's a winner, for sure!