Thursday, June 26, 2014

1939 Tips for Staying Fresh as a Daisy in the Summer Heat

Here is a picture of the beautiful Olivia de Havilland gracing a 1939 Home Arts article on "staying fresh as a daisy the summer through". This would have been about the time that "Gone with the Wind" came out.

So what are the tips for looking and feeling serene, fresh, and dainty despite the heat and humidity of summer? In 1939, the recommendations include:
  • Twice as many baths
    Twice as many baths is the rule for the summer months. [I have to ask - how many is "twice as many"? Just how frequently did people take baths in the late 1930s? Once a week? More often? I do not know, and the article does not give a hint.] The tip goes on to recommend that the more soap and water you use, the better you will feel and look. So don't stint on the soap - be sure to lather yourself from head to foot! ;)
  • Use a deodorant regularly
    [I guess this had to be stated explicitly!] The tip states that you should use a deodorant or "non-perspirant" as religiously as you use your toothpaste. A deodorant or an eau de Cologne combined with a powder which has deodorant qualities is a needed addition to your routine for summer.
  • Ridding yourself of superfluous hair
    [To be quite honest, I did not know that hair removal was a "thing" this early!] The tips states that "superfluous hair is a trial at best, but if it appears on the face, it approaches the tragic." Unless you can afford expert care by an electrolysist, the solutions recommended include a depilatory for the arms or legs, and a razor or cream for removing hair from the armpits.
  • The prevention of sunburn
    The tip recommends that you take your sun baths in small doses at first until your skin and body have become accustomed to them. You should apply a sunburn cream or lotion to exposed areas every two hours or so in order to prevent "getting sunburn poisoning". ;) [Indeed!]
  • The finishing touches
    Wash your hair more frequently
    Use your hairbrush diligently
    Wear a simple hair style
    Choose your powder foundation with care
    Use less rouge
    Go light on mascara and eye shadow
    Cleanse your face as frequently as possible
    Be extra meticulous about personal cleanliness
There you have it - how to keep cool in "torrid weather". :D

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