Friday, June 13, 2014

1930s Advertisement - The Latest Washing Machine!

Enjoy this advertisement from the 1930s, which features the laundry detergent "Rinso". It is a great peek into the daily world of women and the wringer washing machine - what marvelous progress in cleaning clothes! Note that Monday is wash day. If you are familiar with "days of the week" embroidered kitchen towels, you will know that one day was for washing, the next day for ironing, and so on . In other words, there were different chores for each day of the week, except Sunday (of course), the day of rest. :)

Washing machines and laundry soap brands may have changed over the decades. But one thing hasn't changed - the challenge of keeping white clothes white!


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    1. So glad you enjoyed this. After I posted it, I was thinking that I probably should have posted this on a Monday! LOL!