Friday, March 15, 2013

Scraps from the Past: 1980s full flirty shorts in nylon

This "scraps from the past" features the pattern Simplicity 6249 from 1983 - for pants, culottes, and short shorts. You may not care for the "Hammer" pants, but the culottes and shorts have a fun, very skirt-like fullness. The pattern has a very nifty design for the waistband, which is really two waistbands, with the front yoke-style band overlapping and fastening to the waistband beneath it.

The fabric our mystery seamstress tucked in the pattern is soft and sheer - plenty of movement for those full gathered skirt-like shorts. Swish, twirl! Can you visualize it? Or do you think she tucked in blouse material to go with the shorts?

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