Monday, March 25, 2013

Before and After Hit Parade: Girl's 1940s Wartime Frock - Reliving History!

Seamstress: Jan
Pattern: Butterick 3488

This adorable frock from 1945 for a girl is totally adorable and the story of Jan's sewing project is simply brilliant! Jan sewed the frock in view B for her 11 year old daughter to wear to school for WWII day as part of their history/English curriculum. Check out the results!

 The result:

Look closely at these two photographs of her daughter, Georgia, in the frock - complete with other wartime accessories (gas mask box and small suitcase).

Jan wrote "An elderly gentleman who was a guest speaker at the WWII school event (he had lived through the war) approached my daughter and I to express his admiration for her outfit and I quote "if there was a prize for the most authentic look this little girl will get it. The other children have made a half way attempt but this little girl is in a league of her own". I then went on to explain I had made the dress from an original 1940s pattern which I'd purchased from the US.

My daughter's form teacher has taken a photocopy of the pattern together with a photo of Georgia in the dress and these will be exhibited along with other WWII items in their end of year celebration."

Isn't that awesome?!! Jan's beautiful daughter looks fantastic, like she just stepped out of a World War II movie. I love the fabric, the contrast collar and contrast wing cuffs (so authentic!). The accessories of beret, knee-high socks, the name tag, vintage suitcase, and gas mask box (omg!) all add up to a totally authentic look. Kudos to Jan for a fabulous and inspired job!


  1. I love it! I can't wait to be able to sew vintage patterns for my daughter for things like this.

  2. It IS wonderful! :D I love that Jan even included the ribbon bows. No detail too small - it's wonderful.

  3. Awesome :) I admit, I sew vintage for my DD too- in fact she is MORE likely to love the dress if it is from an old pattern LOL Well done Jan!