Friday, March 8, 2013

Scraps from the Past - 1950s Casual Ensemble in Soft Summer Green

Sometimes a pattern illustration inspires us to sew the pattern just the same (as in my previous Scraps from the Past post). And sometimes we have a favorite fabric and look for a pattern that meets our need.

McCall's 4822 from 1958 is a great mix-n-match pattern for blouse with varying sleeve lengths, shorts in two lengths (short and Bermuda), and tapered ankle-length pants.

The original seamstress tucked this durable, yet soft, cotton fabric inside this pattern. It is a lovely shade of green. It has an almost-like-linen type of weave, but is much more pliable and softer than linen. Based on the pattern pieces that were cut, it looks like she sewed the Bermuda shorts in this fabric.

It makes me think of the pattern differently - in greens and blues and other colors, instead of the earthy browns and reds used on the pattern drawing. Lovely. I'm ready for green!

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