Friday, January 4, 2013

Resort Fashions 2013 - Vintage 1950 Styles!

January is here again, the time of year when those of us in the less-than-sunny climes are really looking forward to summer weather and the fashion that goes with it! And this is such a fun month for me, as I look at resort fashions of decades past and post about them. Be watching for a special series this month on swimsuits from 1915 to 1945 - does that sound fun or what?

Let's start with some cool summer fashions from 1950 featured in Women's Home Companion. Described as "playclothes", you can flash in the pool or sparkle by its side in these fashions that are "the clothes that California makes for summer".

 Here's a bright outlook - separates of bra top, clam diggers, beach coat, and short shorts in "sleek weave", a very soft denim.

Identified as perfect for bicycling or walking, this denim shirt ties in front, the striped denim "apron" is tied to look like a skirt, over denim Bermuda shorts.

By the pool, this white sleeveless dress in pique is casual enough for sunning, pretty and cool enough for many other occasions.

Here is a pretty spectator in a circular skirt of cotton in a gay farmhouse print and a blouse of tucked handkerchief linen.

A sailcloth camisole with a cuffed neckline and short shorts make an appealing playsuit. Add the button-down-the-front skirt and there's a sundress!

Stretched out to sun - her flattering slim one-piece suit of nylon dries in minutes. The poncho towel doubles as a beach coat!

Hand-screened tropical leaves distinguish these dresses for any summer evening in a patio or on a lawn. On the left, a two-piece cotton dress; on the right, a strapless dress of cotton twill.

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