Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Search of Style - 50s Vogue Contest Winner!

Tucked in the envelope of the pattern Vogue 9527 (from 1957) was a magazine clipping from a national sewing contest for "clubwomen".

Here is the original pattern (such a cute dress!), which belonged to Betty Roberts. :)

And here is the 4th Prize winning result that inspired Betty Roberts. Sewn by Mrs. Curt G. Muller of Walnut Creek, California, the prize of $2,500 must have made Mrs. Miller very happy, a very large sum for 1957! The clipping states the dress was sewn in white peau de pĂȘche, net, and lace overlay.

On the reverse side of the clipping, there is more about the contest, although I can only piece out bits as all sentences are chopped off on both sides). There is much reference to "clubwomen", with winners from all "48 states" who advanced to regional and then the national level. Items were judged for versatility, becomingness, and workmanship. Jackets and coats were the most popular entry (24 state finalists). Also popular were blouse combinations, and coats and jackets with dress or blouse beneath. Women also made hats, bags, and other accessories. There is the sense that the contest was sponsored by Vogue Patterns. Prizes were awarded at the Convention in Detroit. :D

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