Friday, April 6, 2012

The Drop Waist Flapper - Never Out of Style!

Just today, I posted this fab dress pattern, Butterick 5594 from 1969, and it seemed very familiar...

So I checked my shop and sure enough, just the day before I had posted this delightful Vogue 9527 pattern from 1957. Aside from the mini-length of the Butterick pattern, the two delightful flapper-style dresses have almost identical details: sleeveless, scoop neckline, drop waistline, and the choice of inverted pleats or circular flounce.

Where they differ primarily is that the Vogue pattern has contoured princess seams, where the Butterick pattern uses curved French darts in front and vertical contour darts in back.

It's fun to compare these two patterns with flapper frocks from the 1920s, which offer both inverted pleats and circular flounces, but with that characteristically 1920s "middy" straight silhouette to the drop waist:

Fabulous fashion is just so timeless. :)

P.S. And let's not forget, little girls look equally cute in this style. Here is McCall's 4904 from the 1950s. ;)

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