Saturday, April 7, 2012

Before and After - A 40s Party Dress for a Girl with Timeless Fashion Sense

The Seamstress: LadyKatza
The Pattern: Vintage 1940s Mail Order 2319 Girl's Dress

This sweet dress was purchased by LadyKatza from my shop back in January 2010. As she was pouring over the patterns for herself in my shop, her daughter said she wanted a dress too. LadyKatza, being the wonderful mother she is, let her daughter pick any dress she wanted. LadyKatza said when she bought it, "She has a pretty strong notion of what she likes at the age of six."

The Result: An adorable dress with charm to spare!  I love the colors and the fabric choices. The iridesence of the sleeves and bodice insets adds delicious sparkle, and the flower buttons are the icing on the cake. :D Felicity was a couple sizes smaller than the dress size, but Mom chose to sew the pattern size as-is, since she knew Felicity would grow into it quickly. Here are the first photos she sent me of Felicity in her beautiful new dress, looking super fashionable, complete with stylish boots, purse, and hair ribbons.

 And now, two years later, a recent photo now shows the dress fitting perfectly and Felicity still looking superb. Should she choose, Felicity could easily have a modeling career ahead of her! She has adorable looks and such excellent taste in fashion. :D

You can follow the sewing adventures of LadyKatza on her  blog: .
And you'll be seeing more of Felicity and her mother too in future posts. Stay tuned!


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