Saturday, February 27, 2016

Miss Lillian's Postcards: A Vintage Tweet from Chile!

Sender: Jerome C. Huff
Addressee: Miss Lilian M. Maguier [sic], 1902 G Terry Ave, Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Postmark: Talcahuano Chile
Date: January 7, 1909
Image: Jardin del Palacio en el Parque Cousino, Concepcion, Chile

This beautiful, and dare I say it, rare postcard from the country of Chile in South America (probably worth a few dollars!) provides an image of the Jardin del Palacio en el Parque Cousino - the Palace Garden in the Isidora Cousiño Park. The park is also called Lota Park (Lota de Parque) because it is located in the port city of Lota, Chile, overlooking the bay. It was designed between 1862 and 1872 and includes trees, gardens, statues, and pools. Guides dress in the style of the 19th century and recall the time period of Isidora and Luis Cousiño, who oversaw much of its development. The park also includes a zoo, a meteorological observatory and a conservatory with tropical plants. It contains the tomb of Carlos Cousiño, the son of Isidora and Luis. Carlos also worked on the development of the park, and was alive at the time of this postcard. The "Cousiño Palace", home of Isadora and Luis, and the "Palacio" referenced in the postcard, was located within the park. Though the home itself was demolished in the 1960s, the adjacent gardens remain.

The view in the postcard is of the central part of the park where the palace once stood. Below is a current image from the park.

If you speak Spanish, check this Wiki article for the history of the park. For the Spanish-challenged, this YouTube video provides a long tour of the park.Or this one! This YouTube video provides a very quick tour of the park.

Dear friend,
Am far away
and still going
farther, we never
stop to think any
Jerome C. Huff

This postcard from Lillian's collection is one of my favorites. It is special because it comes from a friend who is traveling in a foreign country. Chile was not a common destination for travel in those days. It is also special for the writer's beautiful penmanship. But most especially it is a treasure because of its simple yet poignant message. It almost reads like a Haiku or poem. It is such a thoughtful, pensive message. It speaks of loneliness, and reflection on decisions in life. Perhaps he is just homesick, or perhaps lonely. We will never know.  But his message still speaks to the heart after more than a century. 


  1. Very nice entry this one, thank you! I followed the links to the entry in Wikipedia and I found out that there is a Chilean movie about the coal mines of the original owners of the park (Subterra, 2003). Mrs Isidora Cousiño was quite the lady.

    1. Thank you, IsabelG, I am so glad that you followed the links! I never know if anyone will think such things as interesting as I do. :) Yes, wasn't that interesting - the movie about the coal mines, which provided the owners the wealth to create the park? I agree, Isadora Cousiño was a very strong woman - richest woman in the world at that time!