Monday, March 23, 2015

Miss Lillian's Postcards - Vintage Tweets: Tillie Has a Nice Vacation

Postcard 33

Sender: Tillie
Addressee: Miss Lillian Maguire, 1902 G" Terry Ave, Seattle, Wash.
Postmark: St Louis MO
Date: July 21, 1908
Image: Nature art (spring; polychrome art series)

Well, there's not much information about this art reproduction. The picture paints a lovely spring scene in nature. The trees are just starting to leaf out and is that a flowering cherry tree in the center?

Hello, Lillian; - 
How are you, I 
received your pretty postal,
was very glad to hear
from you, and I thank
you very much. I had
my vacation last week,
had a fine time. I
will write later, and tell
you all about it. Hoping
you are all well, and I
hear from you again soon.
Your friend, Tillie

Lillian's former co-worker, Tillie, sends a hello to Lillian in this postcard. She thanks Lillian for her last postcard, lets her know she just had a week of vacation and will write later with the details in a letter. Now if only I had those letters! :)

A lovely blouse with jabot and beautifully trimmed vest (1907)

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