Monday, March 9, 2015

Miss Lillian's Postcards - Vintage Tweets: Stella Says Hello

Postcard 32

Sender: Stella
Addressee: Miss Lillian Maguire, 1902 G Terry Ave, Seattle, Wash. c/o Mr. A. Mueller
Postmark: St Louis MO
Date: July 7, 1908
Image: Maxine Elliott

This postcard features the famous actress, Maxine Elliott. A very popular star of the stage at that time, Maxine went on to star in silent films too. She eventually owned her own theater and became very wealthy. Her life sounds very interesting and worth your investigation!

Dear Lill -
Rec'd your postal while away. glad you are
having such a nice [time]. Will write soon.
Kindest regards to Annie. With love, Stella

We hear from Stella, or I should say, Lillian hears from Stella in this brief postcard that features a photograph of a beautiful and popular actress of the times. This is a postcard where the address side is reserved for the entire address and so any note must be written on the front (image) side. Which doesn't leave much room. But then, postcards were used to send the briefest of notes, so in all, it works out fine. We don't know who Stella is, but since she sends her greetings to Lillian's sister, she must be either a close friend of the family or a relation.

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  1. St. Louis, 1908? That's when and where my grandfather would have been a tiny newborn! (And also where I'm from. :P)