Thursday, February 26, 2015

Home Sewing Tips from the 1920s: Freshen Last Season's Frock with a Trig Little Jacket

Well! Ruth Wyeth Spears describes how to make a "trig little jacket" that she calls a bolero in this wonderful tip for home sewists in the 1920s. :) With this tip, Ruth illustrates not only a sleeveless little bolero to dress up last season's frock, but also matching belt and matching cuffs on the frock! Very stylish, smart, and trim indeed. Another inspiring tip for your 1920s wardrobe!  :)


  1. 'Trig' little jacket is not something I have heard before does it have a specific meaning or is it just a general term for cute or simple?

    1. Hello, jennywren, that is an excellent question! I had to look it up too. :) "Trig" means smart, stylish, neat, trim. It was clearly in use in the US in the 1920s, but has mostly disappeared here. However, I think it is still in use in the UK, Australia, etc. these days.

  2. Thanks - funny little word. I think it must have disappeared here too (UK) as I don't think I have ever heard it used. it may be (have been) one of those specifically regional words though. Learn something new all the time!

  3. haven't heard it in Oz ever, or certainly as long as i've been old enough to pay attention to such things.