Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I've Seen That in Vintage Patterns - 1950s Popular Sheath

Browsing through a September 1955 edition of Mademoiselle magazine, this ad for the synthetic fabric "Arnel" features a dress style that appears from time to time in vintage patterns from the 1950s. Seeing it in "real life" in this photograph, I am surprised at just how flattering this style is, with its peg-top-esque hip pockets. Would you have expected it?

I think, the hip pockets actually work to make the waistline thinner by emphasizing the hips, while the straight line from the hips to hemlines minimizes the hips. Is that a contradiction? At the very least, it is an interesting contrast. :) The dress certainly looks cute on this model!

Here is one version, Butterick 7750, a very close match and a wonderful dress.

Here is a fine half-size version, Simplicity 1458, with button accents and the bonus of a matching coat.

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