Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Miss Lillian's Postcards - Vintage Tweets from the 1900s - Happy Birthday, Lillian!

Postcard 012

Sender: "A & A" (Anne and Adolph)
Addressee: [no address]
Postmark: [no postmark]
Date: [no date, since no postmark]
Image: Birthday Greetings and All good wishes (with image of rose)
  A & A

This post card is undated, and is from Lillian's sister Anne and Anne's husband Adolph. With no date (other than knowing Lillian's birth date of April 22), I randomly selected 1907 for this post card. Being unaddressed, it was most likely included with a letter or package. The corner shading gives away the scrapbook storage method of holding the cards by the corners.

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