Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mid-50s Refashion - From Robe to Lounging Jacket

Did you ever want a lounging jacket? Here is an inspiring re-fashion story from the 1950s, in which a robe is converted into a elegant lounging jacket. By replacing frayed sections and adding new fabric, you have a smartly re-styled garment!

Before: a "too short, red flannel robe with worn-out elbows"

After: a smartly-styled lounging jacket

The How: The sleeves, collar, and pocket facings of the robe were removed and the sleeve seams opened. Each sleeve was cut in two lengthwise, to use as a pattern for new sleeves. The robe was cut shorter, to finger-tip length. From the cut-off fabric, new sleeves were cut. One yard of black velveteen was used to make new facings (using the old as a cutting guide). New patterns were worked out for the collar and cuffs (diagram below). Patch pockets and a breast patch pocket were made.

Now if I only had enough time to lounge, and in such style!

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