Monday, November 4, 2013

Veteran's Day - Remembering Wartime Fashion from 1939

With Veteran's Day a week away, it seems appropriate to look at wartime fashion. The 1939 October edition of Life magazine featured the effects of the war in Europe on women's fashion in the US, even though the US had yet to join in the war. With war rationing in France, the design houses of Paris had already shortened skirts. But military-inspired details were also becoming smart fashion here.

Obvious war influence is reflected in this hat of felt with black braid, black dress with military collar and cuffs, and gilt buttons. Note braid trimming on gloves.

Dress parade hat has military crown & brim. Gilt swag imitates braid on dress uniforms.

Epaulets of wool fringe and braid or of all metal are pinned on..

 American eagle of silver is used as a belt  buckle. The hat has a similar ornament.

 Cockade on hat and double row of buttons on dress give a military touch to this outfit.

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