Saturday, November 23, 2013

November Fashions from 1967 - Glitter and Glow!

Skim through this November fashion digest from McCall's and see what was high fashion for the party season in 1967. Be inspired!

This quick dress (8990) is perfect in crepe for day, printed metallic for evening. Chic!

From left to right:
-A slim skim with fringe benefits - a glitter-trimmed scarf (8994)
-A look-of-the-moment shirt in a golden shimmer of sheer metallic (9012)
-A dress shaped with soft cowl neckline and inverted front pleat, and a matching no-button jacket (9014)
-A silver-threaded shirt tent drawing special attention to the side - don't forget the glittered buttons (9002).

From left to right:
-Stripe up a shiny new pantdress and light the look with a path of rhinestone buttons (9008)
-Black jets in with a confectionery blend of sheer over crepe - a bared-out beauty, breathless and beautifully borne for motion (8996)
-Elegant tent defined in a layer of silver threaded rosebuds over a shaft of silk-and-worsted (8992)
-A wisp of a slip dress in a rainbow fabric colored with a splattering of sequins (9004).

Shimmers of stardust fleck the smocked cage that flows free atop a slim slip of a gown (8998).
Enter moonbeam - a slim silver of shape in milk-white brocade (9010).

From left to right:
- A bright mini-skim with or without shorts that are lit up to peak through (8943).
- Sews up in a flash, looks like a smash! Squared in front, strapped in back, and shaped to be seen in neon green (9006).

Glow in this little dress, shaped to skim the body, with the important away-collar and flattering raglan sleeves (9018).

A contrast of a white satin yoke against the plush deep cotton velvet (9000).

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