Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1950s Refashion - From Outdated Topper to a Fresh Box Jacket

It's time another refashion from 1950! In this one, an old "topper" was converted into a fashionable box jacket by working with its existing lines.

As shown in the diagram, the box jacket was created from the topper by doing the following:
  • The shoulder line was narrowed, lowered, and rounded
  • Sleeve width was reduced
  • Roll-back cuffs were made by turning under a wide hem and top-stitching the new sleeve edge
  • Lining was cut off to meet the raw edge inside the sleeves
  • Back fullness was taken in
  • Patch pockets were cut from the bottom of the topper and the edge hemmed. Pockets were set at the hemline.

And here is the final result!

A belt adds the finishing touch! And don't forget your gloves. ;)

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