Saturday, September 21, 2013

1950s Refashion - Change an Old Coat into a Pert Little Jacket!

Refashioning new clothes from old has been practiced for....well, a very long time. They were particularly important in the 30s and the 40s, but extended into the 50s. With the 1960s, this art or skill seemed to wane in popularity.

Now that refashioning is enjoying a resurgence, I thought it would be fun to show refashions of the past. I'll start with one from the October 1950 edition of Woman's Day magazine.

This refashion from 1950s shows how to take an old moth-eaten coat (shown in the upper right corner), and using a Woman's Day pattern, create this cute short "button-upper" jacket.

The refashion salvaged enough fabric from the old coat, using the lower part of the coat, to create the front and back panels of the jacket. The jacket pattern originally called for dolman sleeves. But since the coat panels were too narrow, the sleeves were pieced below the shoulder, with the seams disguised with welt stitching. Facings and covered buttons were made from leftover scraps. A very clever and cute result!

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