Monday, February 24, 2014

1970s Sportive Style from Christian Dior and Vogue!

Coordinated outfits were immensely popular in the 1970s. They would stretch your dollars and your wardrobe with style and these examples from February 1973 are no exception!

In the background, it's the "Very Easy Vogue" 8474 pattern of three quarter length cardigan jacket with an A-line skirt and wide, straight slacks. In front is Vogue Paris Original 2816, Christian Dior's easy elegance of classic belted suit with casual jacket over an A-line box-pleated skirt.
If these strike your fancy, you can find Vogue 8474 in the following Etsy shops:
 I couldn't find Vogue 2816, but there are other, similar patterns from Vogue and Christian Dior available, if you don't mind browsing.
And while you're browsing Etsy, be sure to pick up an authentic pair of 1970s Christian Dior sunglasses:

And a 1970s Christian Dior hat!

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