Monday, September 26, 2011

Before and After "Hit Parade" - Fresh 40s Frocks!

The Seamstress: Elisabeth
Today you get "two-for-one"! My customer Elisabeth sent me great pictures of two dresses she created using patterns from my shop. Both dresses are late 1940s, have such wonderful, graceful style, and Elisabeth's photos are fashion-model fabulous! You can follow Elisabeth's sewing adventures on her blog: Sewing Fairytales.

The Pattern: Vintage 1940s Simplicity 2907 Misses' One-Piece Dress

The Result: Isn't the result sunny and adorable?! I love the choice of fabric, it has a very vintage-style motif. And those cute matching shoes are perfect! Elisabeth shortened the dress to a charming just-above-the-knees length. And if you visit Elisabeth's blog, you will see the back of this dress in the blog header image - awesome!
 Here are her comments on the sewing of the dress:
"I loved the pattern as soon as I saw it. The front and the back of this dress are so elegant and feminine. I used a polyester fabric. This was not the best choice, but I loved the print. Sewing the dress was a bit more complicated. The pattern is not so easy, but the fabric added some difficulties as well. But all in all I really like it. I really have to make another one out of some better fabric (maybe in a nice solid color?)."
The Pattern: Vintage 1940s Simplicity 2842 Misses' One-Piece Wrap-Around House Dress and Housecoat

The Result: Elisabeth sewed this in its original graceful, beautiful tea length, complete with cap sleeves. Even the fabric looks very much like the view on the right (view 2). 

Here are Elisabeth's comments on the sewing of this dress:
"I made this dress out of 40s fabric I got at eBay. Sewing was easy,  except maybe the finishing. The fabric was not the best for the dress, because it is a bit stiff. All in all I am pleased with the dress. Unfortunately it really is better suited as a house dress, because if the wind blows, it´s a bit difficult to wear. Maybe I will sew another one out of another more suitable fabric one day."
Kudos on a lovely pair of dresses, Elisabeth!