Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resort Fashions!!!!

Are you excited? I am! January is resort fashion month at Midvale Cottage! I am so looking forward to listing lots of great swimwear, sunsuits, sundresses, and beachwear for all ages and spanning multiple decades. To get you in the mood for summer breezes, the call of soft sandy beaches, and the vintage fashion to wear there, I leave you with illustrations drawn for Life magazine back in January 1947.
Counting down...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Search of Style - 50s Evening and Afternoon Dress

A dress in an Bergdorf Goodman ad from New York caught the eye of a seamstress in 1956 but its hefty price tag of $25 (!) clearly motivated the seamstress to look for a good match in the patterns of the day. It is easy to see why this dress attracted her attention, appealing to "country and casual" city style in the rather formal colors of black, navy, mint, and blue.

She found it in Advance 8079, which matches nicely the scoop neckline, short French sleeves, fitted bodice, and full skirt of the dress in the ad. There are some differences - the Advance version has a full circle skirt and back zipper closing, while the advertisement clearly shows a full skirt with soft cluster pleats, and shirtwaist front button closing. But the Advance pattern shows lots of variations that surely inspired the seamstress back in 1956. :) We will never know if she could have come closer, or if she simply found the perfect pattern for her.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Looking Ahead

Where did the month of December go?! For that matter, where did the year go? Now that the majority of the holiday crunch is behind me, there is time to plan for the new year. What fun is in store! Here is a peek at the coming months.

Resort Fashions
Yes, resort fashion month is almost upon us! I can hardly wait to list the fabulous and charming patterns for swimwear and summer fashion from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Sharing Style - the Gift of Fashion
Thrift was essential during the 1930s and the Great Depression as well as during the 1940s and World War II (and beyond). So many women copied and traced favorite patterns to share with family members and friends. These treasures turn up in estate sales from time to time. So in the spirit in which these patterns were made, I am going to be giving these patterns away to my readers and customers! Is that not fun?! I will photograph the pieces, and describe the details as best I can, and then will use a random number drawing for those readers who respond with their desire to win the pattern. The first item will be posted at the beginning of February, and will become a regular event on my blog. I am not sure exactly how often these will occur, but at a minimum they will be once a month, possibly more frequently.

Like Mother-Like Daughter
Mother-daughter patterns were immensely popular from the 1940s and 1950s (and even into the 1960s). I've been slowly accumulating pairs of patterns and look forward to listing those gems. I will also be sharing images from my many vintage sources of mother-daughter fashions.

And More...

And throughout, I will be continuing my findings for The Hundred - one of my slower efforts to be sure. But an interesting challenge for vintage patterns. :) In Search of Style is another one I love - I always am delighted when I find a newspaper clipping of a fashion item (for which the pattern was a great match) tucked in with the pattern pieces. I look forward to posting more fabulous "Before and After Hit Parade" items - the successful and delightful work of my customers. What could be more rewarding? :) And there will be new themes in the works, such as all things wedding and bridal, designer fashions, the history of refashioning, and oh, well, there are just tons of inspiring patterns just waiting for you! :D