Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In Search of Style - Designer Couture Evening Gown

This search for style begins with an advertisement from the early 70s for a fabulous evening gown from Saks Fifth Avenue. The advert describes their collection and this gown from their designer salon in romantic terms: "A romantic mood pervades. Soft and subtle draping. Slinks or ruffles. Movement from fringes as you float by. Soft clear colors, jerseys, chiffons and more. Here, all ruffled up. A sleeveless dress, close-to-you on top, full and flounced below. Nylon zigaline in white with navy. $425."

A dream of a dress, don't you agree? Our seamstress found a remarkable match for this beauty with a Vogue Americana pattern designed by Oscar de la Renta, pattern 2879. The stunning plunging neckline trimmed with ruffles and full skirt seals the deal!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Before and After "Hit Parade" - 40s Refashionista Beauty

The Seamstress: Vicki Muise
The Pattern: Vintage 1948 McCall 7286 Sewing Pattern Misses' Dress

Vicki chose the view on the right to sew up a graceful late 40s summer dress in a luscious tea length.

The Result: I love this dress - it's garden party-perfect! And the story behind this dress is a delight - a story of  preparing muslin-turned refashionista. :D

Here is Vicki's story of this dress:

"I sewed a muslin from this flowery $1 sheet because I had to make a few routine changes (SBA, increase the waist, shorten the skirt). Then everyone who visited me saw this muslin hanging up in my sewing corner and said that they would wear it as is! I had already cut out some vintage polyester with a nicer drape, to make a final version, but decided to put the finishing touches on the muslin just to see how it would turn out.

I posted the dress on The Sew Weekly and another member wanted to try it as well. Since I had already traced the pattern to make my adjustments, I shared it with her and she will post her version soon too."

Is that not awesome? And that's a self-fabric buckled belt, too! I can't wait to see the other member's version of this dress on The Sew Weekly. This is such a great story, Vicki. Thanks for letting me share your wonderful result. :)

Oh, and you can follow Vicki's sewing experiences on her blog: Another Sewing Scientist.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Before and After "Hit Parade" - Idyllic 50s Dress

The Seamstress: Kellie Falconer
The Pattern: Vintage 1957 McCall's 4251 Sewing Pattern Misses' Dress

The Result: It's dreamy!! Kellie says "I purchased this darling pattern [from Midvale Cottage], and wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it! I thought you might like to see the first dress I created from the pattern - I am hoping to make a custom listing for it in my Etsy shop." Kellie's shop on Etsy is Kellie Falconer Design. Be sure to check out all her fine creations. This dress is adorable with exquisite details. It's such an inspiring creation, hopefully it will a listing in her shop soon!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

In Search of Style - An A-line Angle

Occasionally I come across a pattern where the seamstress has tucked in clippings of similar styles. This tells a story we can relate to, where we see a dress in a magazine or newspaper, and search through patterns to look for something as close as possible.

In this example, the seamstress had clipped the following dresses:

From these we can see that she wants an A-line dress with a shaped bodice, maybe some top-stitching, a V-neckline (with a collar? without a collar?), maybe princess seams. The pattern she found that was closest to the looks of these two dresses is Vintage 1972 Butterick 6846 (Misses' Dress, Tunic and Pants):

Pretty close, don't you think?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Before and After "Hit Parade" - 50s Wiggle Dress is Sleek in Latex!

The Seamstress: "Essential Latex"
The Pattern: Vintage 1959 McCall's 4617 Misses' Dress, Skirt, and Jacket

Essential Latex used this fabulous late 50s pattern as inspiration for a recent fashion show! Note the view I've circled, which inspired her to create a stunning dress sewn out of latex!

The Result: Essential Latex says "My model loves this style and it completely suited her!" Isn't it gorgeous? This seamstress is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and has her own line of fabulous latex clothes. Be sure to check out her shop on Etsy: Essential Latex.