Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pre-war Skirt Leads the Way to Wartime Fashion

Are the holidays over yet? Nope, and I can only hope you all are having the most wonderful season. It's been busy, busy, busy for me, with hardly a moment to blog. But I miss chatting with you all in cyberspace, so I am squeezing in some time today with a short post about an interesting pattern in my shop.

It's 1939 and war is looming on the horizon, but is not yet declared in the US. This now-classic skirt from Vogue and 1939 features the shorter length required for those in the war zone (Paris!). It is super easy to make with only two pattern pieces. It has lovely flared swing style that led the way in wartime fashion. And it was so popular in 1939 that Vogue re-issued the pattern in 1940. What's not to love?!

The skirt has bias flare, dart-fitting at waistline sides (over the hips), a fitted waistband, and back (surprise!) zipper or snap closing.

It's timeless style and a cleverly simple construction. Follow the pattern number link above to the pattern in my shop.