Friday, January 31, 2014

The Hope Chest

If you have been following the Boyer Family Singers blog, you know that Jessica has been working on the contents for her hope chest.

This post is dedicated to you, Jessica! The Lane Cedar Chest was the hope chest of choice for many a bride-want-to-be in the 1950s (as well as decades before and after ;)). What a perfectly beautiful bridal gown, yes?

I purchased a Lane Cedar Chest myself (as my hope chest) after high school, although I have to admit I was not as diligent as Jessica in collecting my "trousseau" items. ;) But it was great for storing wool clothing, as the cedar naturally repels moths. And I still have it!


  1. Awe Kathleen, it was so nice of you, no SWEET of you to dedicate this post to me!!! I feel so honored! I am so glad that you put up this charming post! Its a great reminder for us all. :)

    With many smiles,

    The eldest sister & singer

  2. My pleasure! When I saw this ad in an 1951 Look magazine, I thought of you. :)

  3. Two years ago, my sweet sister suddenly died. She had a hope chest at the foot of her bed, but it wasn't the one that Mom had received before marriage in 1945. This one was severely "waterfall" style from Art Deco period. Where had it come from? Amazingly, the original descriptive pamphlet was still in it.

    Searching for sister's will, we had to get a locksmith to unlock it. No will in there, but a trove of framed pictures and prints. Sigh. We emptied it and eventually put it into one of our many estate-garage sales. A sweet gal even older than I am fell for it. She had an upcoming wedding shower in her family and was sure the bride would love it. I was dubious but a customer was a customer. We had her leave her contact info just in case and would you believe that eventually the key turned up? She said the bride was just thrilled by the gift.

    Just goes to show....:-)