Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In Search of Style - 1940s Camisole - An Understudy of Undergarments

Let's look at lingerie from the 1940s!

In search of a cute camisole, a seamstress in the late 1940s took this wonderful 3-page clipping about camisoles, petticoats, and other undergarments from a magazine and slipped it into a pattern for camisoles.

The first image shows a lacy camisole with a ruffle at the waistline and a separate deeply ruffled petticoat:

The 2nd page pictures a pert rayon plaid petticoat with a pretty ruffle, along with a drawing of a lightly boned bra (can you imagine?!) and a matching "waistliner" (corset).

The 3rd page illustrates a camisole and separate petticoat in embroidered eyelet. Equally interesting are the other lingerie items featured - a "revolutionary" bra with seamless molded cups, a very long line bra, and a "waistlet" (corset).

And here is the pattern, McCall 1423 from 1948, which seems to me to be a near-perfect match on all counts! :)

Here is a closer look at the camisoles in the clippings for easier comparison with the pattern.

So delicate and feminine!

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