Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Home Sewing Tips from the 1920s: A Buckle Accent To Trim Blouse, Hat, or Pumps

In the quest for "newer, smarter, easier", Ruth Wyeth Spears provides a clever tip for creating a
cute buckle accent made from folded grosgrain ribbon. With her usual excellent illustrations, Ruth make these accessories very easy to make indeed!


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  1. Hi Kathleen - I have an idea that keeps knocking around my brain but I need more info, and you may be my source! Is there a book with all of these wonderful 20's Ruth Wyeth Spears 'patterns' in it? I found one book from 1925 on Amazon but have yet to receive it. My question would be does someone still hold the patent on these patterns? I'm seriously considering putting a book together with several dozen of my favorite patterns and then my version of them, with instructions and pictures (like I've done on my blog) that people can use. What do you think?