Monday, November 21, 2016

Scraps from the Past: A 1950s Flannel Nightgown for Christmas

The pattern: Simplicity 4140

The scraps: Tucked into the pattern envelope for timeless nightgowns were two scraps, one a soft yellow flannel, and the other a cute flannel print of umbrellas. Written on the front of the envelope: Joanne Christmas 1952, Mother Easter 1953, Rena Louise Nov 1954. So the sewist made three nightgowns, two for winter and one for summer, and at least two as holiday gifts (Christmas and Easter). On the envelope back is more writing: (in red) Joanne view one yellow flannel white ruffles Christmas 1952. Also on the back, written in pencil: "R. L. Nov 1954" and "Mother Easter 1953". Now that is getting mileage from one pattern, and how handy that all three wear the same size!

It's pretty clear that Joanne got the yellow flannel nightgown. And I think it is safe to assume that Mother got the umbrella print flannel nightgown - umbrellas being a great spring theme. Alas, no scrap for Rena Louise!

Are you inspired to sew a flannel nightgown for Christmas?


  1. My grandmother used to buy us flannel nightgowns for Christmas. We opened them on Christmas Eve so we had something cosy to wear in the morning. Then she spent an entire year collecting amazing, thoughtful bits for our stocking, which my siser and I were allowed to open before the rest of the family had to crawl out of bed (and we always spent Christmas with my grandparents). Such happy memories you have reminded me of! (And I really appreciate your blog, but am very shy about posting comments. I think this is my fourth one ever). Happy Holidays, Suzanne.

    1. I find your reply very touching, Suzanne! What a wonderful memory, simply wonderful. Lucky you to have such a loving and thoughtful grandmother. Christmas stockings and traditions around gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were the norm in my childhood also. We children could expect practical things (like underwear!) in amongst our gifts, and oranges and nuts in our stockings. May you have a cherished holiday season this year, Kathleen

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