Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In Search of Style: Fabric for a 1930s "Dress Hit of the Year"

This wonderful dress from the 1930s and Superior Patterns of Sears, Roebuck & Co has charming style and was evidently quite popular!

Tucked in the envelope was a page from the fabric section of the Sears catalog, featuring silk and rayon fabric and several dress patterns. And there in the upper right corner is the very same dress, in a charming dotted print rayon.

The text for the pattern states "The Dress Hit of the Year". And: "A stunning pattern! At the very top of the style ladder! Featuring a youthful collar and a smart button trim. So simple it can be made with the least possible fuss. A truly versatile style; can be worn almost everywhere! Because it is a Sears  pattern you're assured a perfect fit and absolute comfort." Well! Enough said!

And here is the back side of the page:


  1. Oh my word, that dress is so gorgeous! Right, I'm going on a hunt to find a pattern just like it. I can visualise it in a brown rayon with white spots and bright green buttons and bow. I need to make this dress!

    1. Oh, I've just found you on Etsy! I don't catch on very quickly, clearly!! :)

    2. How fantastic that you are going to sew this, Cate! I see that you did indeed purchase that pattern. I agree, it is totally gorgeous. It was a fashion hit then and it is now! :) Send me a picture when you get it sewn. I would love to see it!